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Gorgeous Amber Michaels looks stunning in her grey business suit. She's at work, complaining about her job on the phone with her girlfriend, all the while watching dumb TV shows. (You know, that office looks awfully familiar…!) One of her bosses, played by lunkhead frank fortuna, walks in an complains about her work habits. "We're a business here," he notes. "Don't tell me you're going to fire me," she says as she unbuttons her blouse, "because I will take you to court for sexual harassment SO fast…!" To prove the point, she buries his head within her bounteous bosoms, trapped in black lace. She chokes him, strangles him, subjects him to yet more boob-a-licious airway-blockage, then sprawls him across the floor for some very nice ass-suffocation. Does that girl know how to sit on a guy's face or what? Her plan seems to be a simple one: Smother frank to death, so she can take over his job. And what a way to go! We are talking about bare twat smothering, with his face dripping with labial slime. His nose disappears between her luscious butt-cheeks! Eventually she is naked. Propping his head up on the chair, she ploughs her cunt onto his face, grinding in deep. Then she ties him up with her stockings and shoves her feet into his face. Soon he is hogtied and helpless as she ass-chokes him while chatting on the phone.