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Amazon Trample - (Full Movie)

Amazon Trample - (Full Movie)

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NOTE: Even though this movie has the word "Trample" in the name, it only contains a small amount of trampling. There are LOTS of different wrestling moves!! Mistress Lana is having a hard time getting her slave walter to be obedient to her. She immediately gets frustrated and calls on her friend Sasha "The Destroyer". Walter quickly changes his tune as soon as he sees her. She is way over six feet tall and has muscles that would make you think she is related to the Incredible Hulk. Sasha then begins to put some heavy wrestling moves on walter that make him gasp for air as his eyes bulge out like a children's toy. Sasha doesn't even break a sweat as she squeezes walter like an old toothpaste container and at one point she picks him up over her shoulders as if he was filled with helium. Lana verbally degrades him constantly from off camera and sometimes comes on-screen to put her heel in his chest or yank on his hair as if it were the leash of a disobedient dog. For the second half of the video, he is sent to go get some water and gets caught trying to escape out the bathroom window...unsuccessful, he is brought back into the room being carried over Sasha's shoulder again and is thrown on to the mat. Now it's time for intense barefoot trampling on his chest and back from this Enormous Amazon female. Once balanced, she even jumps up and down on him. The trampling scene is less than 10 minutes long but hey, how often do you see a gigantic Amazon Women trample a helpless little man and how long do you think you could take it?? More tight wrestling holds, choking and hair pulling round out the rest of the video... He tries to fight back but is obviously far too small and weak for them.