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Bitch Wars 2 - (Full Movie)

Bitch Wars 2 - (Full Movie)

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Tasha and Eve are two slumber-partyin' animals who love to lounge around in black lingerie. They share a bed - and clothing. But Eve took something without asking, so now big-chested Tasha shows her dominant side. Tasha slaps her roomie, then tries to smother her in her big, huge breasts. Eve is subjected to hand-over-mouth smothering as her head hangs over the edge of the bed. Turns out, though, that Eve is really the Fem-Dom in the family - call her the Eve of Destruction! And so the tables are turned. Eve is very adept at face-sitting, and her grinding ass soon forces tempestuous Tasha into submission. "That's what I call killer pussy!" Eve muses, just before she applies her own cruel brand of hand-over mouth smothering, followed by BAREFOOT girl-girl trampling. Eve's powerful thighs crush what's left of her pretty room-mate's rebellious streak. Eventually, Tasha is completely bound, hand and foot, while Eve - mother of all Bitches - whips her heinie mercilessly. Mistress E even stands on the blonde's butt while whipping Tasha's body mercilessly. Naturally, the slave-girl's top is removed, leaving her massive mammaries free for pinching and squeeze-torture. Eve even whips her RIGHT ON HER TITS! After some savage hair-pulling, Eve makes her slave-ette lick clean her dirty feet. Then it's time to lick naked Eve herself. Best of all: Tasha is backed against the wall while Eve butt-smothers her face violently. It's a feast for fans of girl-girl fetish action!