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Cigar Mistress - (Full Movie)

Cigar Mistress - (Full Movie)

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WOW! Sexy Brittany Andrews, cute Mistress Angela, elegant newcomer Chelsea, and slave brad. Three Mistresses, and two of them smoke cigars during their domination fun. Mistress Brittany looks hot in her shiny black patent leather (or is it rubber?) outfit as she binds her slave to the punishment bed and lights her big fat cigar. She constantly makes threats to burn him with the cigar, and she makes him re-light it whenever it goes out. Her spike heels come off early, as she stands on him with her bare feet and makes him say "thank you" each time she stomps on him. She also abuses him with smothering facesitting as she smokes her cigar. Verbal degradation is high, as she constantly talks about bathroom games, "the box," and using his mouth as an ashtray. We see facesitting, barefoot trampling, stomping, choking, and whipping - and that's just to get things started. Then Angela and Chelsea show up to triple the abuse, with triple facesitting and triple trampling with two sets of bare feet and a pair of stocking feet all over his body and face. The action is well shot and well lit, as these three dominant sluts abuse their slave, get very naked and enjoy big fat cigars at the same time!!