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Asphyxiation Begins - (Full Movie)

Asphyxiation Begins - (Full Movie)

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Voodoo is a D.J. at a local Strip Club when one of the girls follows him home one day a shows up at his house all psycho and crazy for him. Poor voodoo doesn't know what to do with this wacko bitch so he calls the cops and when she finds out, she gets really wacko. Poor Voodoo is starting to figure out fist-hand what it was like for James Cann in the Movie "Misery". She starts by binding him with rope (from her utility belt?) and then starts administering a variety smothering facesitting moves. Taking his air away with her pussy and ass, he goes in and out of consciousness. Unfortunately, he realizes that this is not a dream and this wacko chick is still in his house. The variety of facesitting is quite varied and so are her outfits as she keeps changing during the movie to try and find something that might turn him on. The camera roams around nicely and catches all the good angles of Forward Facesitting, Reverse Facesitting, Hand-Over-Mouth Action, Ass Worship, Breast Smothering and even some Wrestling Moves. Coral seems to play that wacko part a little too well as she goes from soft spoken girl who wants attention to crazy slut talking like the girl from the Exorcist movie. There is a big twist/secret at the end of the movie just before she leave in her WackMobile just before the cops get there.