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Man Under Bottom - (Full Movie)

Man Under Bottom - (Full Movie)

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Carolyn orders a top guy from the agency and instead of the Denzel look-alike, they sent alix. Carolyn is not very impressed but decides to forget about sex and gets into some smothering action. The beautiful buxom blonde is wearing some pink panties and a cute blue net top that ties up the front. Her attitude is top notch as she takes full control of the situation. Carolyn begins by using the couch as a pedestal for his neck and head as she administers some forward and reverse facesitting. When the action moves to the floor, she brutalizes him with some trampling moves which look extremely hot because she is so tall (5' 10") and alix is about 4 inches shorter. She stands on his throat and directly on his head as well as his body. The action quickly returns to smothering facesitting and the H.O.M. action goes to a new level when she duct tapes his mouth and then pinches his nose closed. The last half of the movies gets very nasty as she gets naked and way more aggressive with her facesitting and intense ass smothering!! This movie is full of nasty nude facesitting and there were even some nice wrestling moves.