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In Bad Company - (Full Movie)

In Bad Company - (Full Movie)

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Francesca's been a naughty girl. She is as addicted to internet porn as any of you guys - so addicted, in fact, that she is continually sneaking onto her roommate's computer to take a gander at her favorite hot sites. But her Dominant gal-pal, Caroline Pierce, catches her in the act - and decides to wreak her revenge by subjecting poor widdle fran to the ultimate in facesitting punishment. Caroline wears a dynamite piece of fetishy vinyl-wear, laced up the backside. (How does she manage that?) You'll love to see gorgeous Francesca flail and writhe as Caroline Pierce grinds that power-pussy directly into her lovely mug. "No more!" her poor victim begs. "After all, a little porn never hurt anyone!" we disagree - sometimes filming a porn epic can be damn near lethal, as this example proves. "No more smothering!" Francesca pleads as that looming black-clad ass lowers mercilessly onto her nose and lips, completely covering her airways. And the breast suffocation is just as dangerous. "Just stop smothering me!" Fran asks, her voice quivering with fear and a hint of lust. No dice - those golden globes completely surround her face. Just listen to the way she pants and gasps. You can tell that this beauty is suffering from severe oxygen deprivation. It's for real!