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Ass-Masters - (Full Movie)

Ass-Masters - (Full Movie)

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Tanya is primping in the mirror, praising herself egomaniacally - at the expense of her roommates Shay and Zora. They start to get incredibly jealous. The inevitable result: Bitch fight! Because Zora had some of the nastiest things to say (something about Tanya's tits not being real - goodness, where did she get THAT idea?), Tanya drops her onto the bed and forces her to choke on those huge gazonkers. For some reason, BOTH now gang up on poor little Zora - it's a waspish two-against one catfight deluxe. Much of their effort goes into HOM (hand over mouth) suffocation, followed by more luxurious titty chokitude. Both Tanya and Shay hold their hands over their mutual victim's mouth for long long seconds…it feels like minutes. Is there butt-suffocation? Oh yeah. Poor Zora's head practically disappears into her tormentors' twats and poop chutes. You'll particularly dig the way Tanya shoves Zora's head into Shay's ass. The subby girl flails and kicks her legs, but there is no escape for this lovely little target. They tear off Zora's top - because that makes it easier to choke her, don't you know. Zora's gasps and cries and gurgles and choking sounds will melt your heart. But her tormentors are heartless, and they keep subjecting her to twat suffocation. This is the BEST girl girl HOM-work we've ever seen. The mad Mistresses start stripping down to subject their victim to some vicious nekkid twat suffocation. Shay uses her feet to shove Zora into Tanya's twat. Mmm...looks like lady Z likes girls. Even when they're hurting her!