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12 Steps To Domination - (Full Movie)

12 Steps To Domination - (Full Movie)

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Keisha and Vera Von Sade were instructing their slave on "giving up his power to a higher authority" - the Dominant Woman! Alcoholic slave walter is ready for another "12 step meeting", only this time it's with Mistresses who "step" all over him! Keisha, in a latex miniskirt and long vinyl gloves, lace bra and black heels chats with her sister Vera, who wears a slinky black short dress, black stockings and high heels. They find walter in a stupor on the couch and they sober him up by KICKING, FACESLAPPING, TRAMPLING, BOOB SMOTHERING, SCISSORING, HIGH HEEL TORTURING, TICKLING, CHOKING, CROPPING, DOG TRAINING, ASS SLAPPING, FACESITTING, KNEEING AND HUMILIATING HIM WHILE HIS HANDS AND ANKLES ARE TIED!! There is a unique torso thumping scene where Keisha flops on him like a fish out of water and her boobs pop out of her bra and bounce around! She pulls up her skirt and has a seat on her slave's neck, as Vera whips him on the ass and nipple twists. After the Mistresses remove his clothes, the slave must submit to leg scissors and trampling on his stomach and back. Vera runs her stockinged feet on his face. They giggle, run on him, smother him in scissors holds, make him toe suck and choke and tickle him at the same time! He gets on all fours, while they ride him and crop him 'till he barks and collapses. In IBN fashion, the Mistresses trample him by running in circles around him, taking flying leaps on his back, over and over!