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Abducted Bound And Spat On - (Full Movie)

Abducted Bound And Spat On - (Full Movie)

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Ah yes...time for another episode of "Let's humiliate bob." In this exquisitely-shot video, he plays a notorious gangster who has fallen into the hands of his enemies. (There's a plot of sorts going on - something about a drug shipment gone awry - but you don't really care about THAT, now, do you?) Bob's tormentors, of course, are two tall, chesty, gorgeous Dominant Bitches -- Shay Sights (a perfect California blonde) and dark-haired Brooke Hunter (with lovely, finely-chiseled feature) - have decided to do something about the situation. They kidnap him, drag him gunpoint to a remote outdoor spot, tie him a tree, and proceed to torture the crap out of him. The first and foremost humiliation: SPITTING. Right in his face. This is some of the most sickening looghie imaginable. Dribbling, drooling, yellowish-white - YUCK! His face ends up glistening with saliva. He threatens them with retaliation, but they keep right on drenching him. "I've seen a lot of sick shit, but this tops 'em all," Bob complains - right before another looghie richochets off his nose. They even spit on his crotch. His chin looks like an icicle-laden roof as the white sputum drips off his face. "I kind of like the way he looks!" Shay notes. "He looks so stupid." We are talking about total, TOTAL humiliation. When he's finally drenched and robbed of all humanity, they leave him there to die. Hey - it could happen to you!