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Ass-phyxia - (Full Movie)

Ass-phyxia - (Full Movie)

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Welcome to the halls of academe, where school principal jim has been computing the grades for his favorite two busty schoolgirls, Candi and Francesca. "You both successfully got Fs again," he announces. The girls take this as an opening negotiation bid. "Lay down," they request. So far, so good! Jim expects a full-body massage - and when the girls climb on top of him, the start doing their real homework - as in FACESITTING. (including FULL NUDE facesitting!) "If you want us to stop," Candi notes, "just tell us." "But he can't talk with his mouth covered, Fran counters. Oh well! Looks like there's no end to this torture. "Just because you spent three years in the tenth grade, don't blame me!" jim says when he finally is allowed up for air. "Hey," responds Candi, "we didn't have to - we wanted to!" Just look at his face turns red as the girls smash his skull between their thighs. "There's two of us and one weak you," Candi reminds the puny principle. Now THIS is twat suffocation. Francesca imposes the kind of breast-smotheration that should automatically upgrade her grade to a Double-D. "Doesn't this deserve an A?" asks Candi. "What are you, gay?" BOTH girls smash their bodies onto his scarlet face, smashing him with bare boobage galore. If you're a fan of stacked babes like Candi and top-heavy Francesca, you'll agree that this is THE breast smother film. They slap him, then apply venal HOM (hand over mouth) smothering.