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True Trample - (Full Movie)

True Trample - (Full Movie)

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Jim is the houseboy for a couple of beauteous Fem Doms, Star Chandler and Jaimee Lynn. While they were out shopping for new fetish-wear (check out Starr's wicked outfit! And check out that flaming bikini on Jaimee - I'd like to fire walk with HER!) he was supposed to pick up the dogshit outside. Well, there's only one way to deal with this slob: Trample him mercilessly. One girl wears fishnets and heels, while the other is barefoot. Starr stands on his head, while Jaimee pummels his crotch. Her heels dig nice little red pits right into his chest. They kick his head and make him eat toe. WHAM! They leap right onto his ribcage. "Lick my foot!" Jaimee demands. Starr pokes her sharp heels right into his collar bone - OOOOH, that's gotta hurt. Are they gonna stand in heels right on his tummy? Jim can take it. He HAS to. They even stand FULL WEIGHT, BAREFOOT right on his FACE! While he's looking straight up! And then Starr repeats the action in fishnets. They want to make sure all the dirt on their feet is wiped on his face. Amazing head-standing action. They JUMP on him brutally. Total trample action!