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To Serve Woman - (Full Movie)

To Serve Woman - (Full Movie)

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Mistress Brittany Andrews has discovered that her boyfriend walter has been reading (and jerking off to) magazines featuring dominant women. She confronts him dressed as a beautiful dominant female wearing a shiny black latex body-suit, black pantyhose and 6" spike heels. She immediately berates him verbally and starts pulling his hair, slapping his face, stepping on him in high heels and then tightly binds him & straps a big red ball gag in his mouth. The whip is used to reinforce the quick responses she wants from her commands. While walter is securely and tightly bound, she climbs on his chest with her 6" spike heels, face slaps him and then smothers him with full-weight grinding facesitting. The bondage is very tight and intense as she grinds her crotch into his face in both forward and reverse styles. Tight head scissoring and breast smothering are also going on. After about 25 minutes, the bonds come off and he is completely overpowered and abused by her non-stop physical terror…punching, kicking, high heel trampling, tight scissoring, face slapping, hair pulling, full body slams on his chest and of course more of that full weight smothering facesitting. Brittany looks better than ever in this video and she is mean as a snake!! Other action includes…stocking-foot trampling, her panties stuffed in his mouth (tightly sealed with duct tape), her large breasts come out to play, riding crop action, stocking-foot worship, jumping up and down on his chest, sharp teeth biting nipple clamps and more !!