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Trample Sluts - (Full Movie)

Trample Sluts - (Full Movie)

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Pity the fool named chris tool! He borrowed a car belonging to his two lovely Mistresses, oriental honey Cumisha Amado and tall redhead Elizabeth X. Get this: He got into an accident - and now he refuses to confess where he has stashed the remains of the demolished vehicle. Obviously, he deserves punishment. But when these bitches set out to punish, they PUNISH! Elizabeth wears totally wicked platform spikey-heeled boots, and she loves to use them to stomp men into pomegranate juice. Cumisha's sharp pumps inflict just as much damage - you will see a look of total pain suffuse chris' face. They doff their footwear and subject poor chris to stocking-clad two-girl trampling - Cumisha actually JUMPS on him, in an attempt to make his ribs go snap. This is some of the most violent stomping we've seen in a while. And you won't believe your eyes when she uses her hands to knock chris silly. Tenderizing his head makes it all the more susceptible to full-weight head-stomping. You can almost hear his skull cave into his brain! "He looks as red as a lobster," Elizabeth notes. "I'm going to put my foot right here on his throat," Cumisha announces. "Maybe we'll choke him. Maybe we'll crack his neck!" And she does just that, while Elizabeth steps on his face. The girls keep trying out new positions for their stomp games, turning chris into a human trampoline. They have a goal: To smash chris' bones until he buys a new car. As Cumisha explains, "It's fun!"