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Ground And Pound - (Full Movie)

Ground And Pound - (Full Movie)

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Alix is a car enthusiast who has managed to annoy his toy lovely neighbors: Mistresses Tanya Danielle and Tori Sinclair. All his vehicles have alarms, which tend to blare at the worst moments. They lure him into a private lair, lock the doors, and proceed to smash the crap out of his body. Before we go on with our description, we should let a cat out of the bag: Alix, a slave-boy who usually can take an unheard-of amount of pain, almost didn't survive the shooting of this video. He actually screamed to have the cameras turned off! So if you want to see REAL torture and torment, check this out. You'll see knee-kicks to the stomach, strangle holds, foot-slapping, skull-kicks - and lots of hard TRAMPLING, with poor alix splayed across a CONCRETE floor. He has NO protection, even when they girls JUMP on him in high platform heels or drive their knees into his ribcage. Will they stand on his head? Oh yes…and keep in mind that there is nothing beneath that noggin but impermeable stone. They even put bubble wrap over his face, then pop the bubbles by stomping his mug! The plastic bubble wrap offers an intriguing new way to combine trampling with suffocation. Full-weight face standing against the most unyielding surface imaginable - it's no wonder our normally pain-loving subby boy finally yowled for mercy. But the action never lets up, as both girls hop up and down like pistons atop his torso. That's not all: Tanya gets him in a chokehold while Tori punches him mercilessly, using her fists and elbows.