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Toilet Trouble - (Full Movie)

Toilet Trouble - (Full Movie)

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Two ultra-beauteous, busty roomates - Jordan Scott and Jamie Lynn - have a problem: A loud neighbor. Wouldn't you know it: These two lethal lovelies live right next door to bob, the whiniest, most pathetic subbie-boy of all time. They toss him into the bathroom, flatten him on the floor, and subject him to trample torture. Jordan stands on his tummy in needle-sharp high-heel shoes while Jamie facesits him nearly into oblivion. "Suck it! I don't CARE if it's dirty!" They slap him, insult his masculinity, punch his chest, trample him barefoot, and make him lick feet ("Lick it! Lick it like you lick your boyfriend's ass!"). Then they try to kick his ugly face in. They even stand right on his FACE - BAREFOOT - FULL-WEIGHT! Yanking him by the hair, they shove his ugly mug into the toilet bowl. Stripping down and gagging him with a dirty panty, they double-trample his battered body, foot-slap his face, truss up his face, make him EAT toilet paper (and he really does!), shove TP up his nose, choke him with a towel, slap him silly, force him to undergo lots of NAKED TWAT SUFFOCATION and ASS-SMOTHERING. "I have a lot on my mind right now," bob whines while the curvaceous Jordan stands on his head. They force him to wear a dirty trash can while towel-snapping his ass, then they cover him in plastic bag. After they make him kiss ass, they smother him, toss him in the shower, punch him in the ribs, and SPIT on his head. His head is COVERED with white looghie. It's disgusting!