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Smotherbox Serviceman - (Full Movie)

Smotherbox Serviceman - (Full Movie)

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WHAT BABES! The famed Carolyn Monroe looks OUTSTANDING in her black leather fetish gear, and Lovely Lauren Montgomery looks just as bitchen in her mini. These two delectable Dommes are saddled with a broken-down smotherbox. Tramplee is the serviceman called upon to fix the box: It needs to be tighter. (Boy, would I like to adjust Carolyn's box!) Tramplee sees nothing wrong with the device, so the gals encourage him to try the thing out for himself. Heh heh. Are they going to keep in ther a long, long time? Oh you bet! "His heart's still beating," says Carolyn as she plants her vinyl-clad ass over his nose and mouth. "That means he's still alive." They let him up for air….VERY occasionally…and boy, does he gasp! They dig in for two-girl butt smothering, then switch position, with one girl trampling his battered bod while the other cuts off his air supply. The girls even start torturing his hands, bending the fingers way, WAY back. Meanwhile, the amply equipped Carolyn tries her damndest to breast-smother him into the next world. (You'll see a pair of mondo naturals fly free! tramplee sees 'em up CLOSE!) As Lauren takes his breath away, Carolyn climbs aboard for some hard-core trample action…and she even puts her weight on his neck! Lauren's titty suffocation is every bit as overwhelming as Carolyn's. The girls decide to keep wussy tramplee there ALL WEEKEND LONG - and they'll even invite their friends over to enjoy his slow demise.