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Blue Collar Punishment - (Full Movie)

Blue Collar Punishment - (Full Movie)

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Angela looks more ravishing than ever, in her dark lingerie and black stockings. The camera lovingly pans her perfect body as she lies in bed, trying to sleep. Unfortunately, a doltish construction guy named Carlos is nearby, hammering away at something, and the noise is unendurable. Angela drags him into her room - and if he thinks he's in for some fun, he's dead wrong. Will he work quietly from now on? No way, Jose. So Angela has to show the workman who's the Boss. She knees him in the stomach repeatedly, and slaps him brutally. While he's still reeling, she lays him out on the bed and binds him with rope. "You need a lesson, boy!" she spits. Now he's in the perfect position for some high-heel trampling - you can practically FEEL those deadly spikes gouging into his flesh. And wait until you see Angela's beautifully toned legs in shimmering black silk stockings! Despite this treatment, the humiliated carlos still dares to call his Mistress a "stupid bitch." You can imagine what's in store. Time to de-construct the construction guy! You'll love the sexy, sensuous way she sits on his chest while crushing his head between her powerful thighs (you can almost see his eyeballs pop out of his skull!).