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Project Smother - (Full Movie)

Project Smother - (Full Movie)

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Busty, black-haird Coral Sands and her roommate Autumn Rayne come home to find jerk-off jim with his head locked in the dreaded smother box. "Hey, look!" Autumn cries. "Santa granted our wish. We have a man in a box to play with." Ah, but their idea of play is pretty damn brutal. It involves long, long minutes of butt-suffocation and hand-over mouth smothering. "Let's see how red his face turns," Coral suggests. And when she lets up, she does so for only the barest fraction of a second - hardly enough time for him to re-fill his lungs. Autumn prefers to smother using her luscious boobage. (She sends a smoldering stare right into the camera, as if inviting you to undergo similar treatment.) They even force him to smother himself with his own hands! "Open your mouth," commands Coral, as she forces him to choke on his own fingers. Autumn's a creative bitch: She somehow manages to combine butt-suffocation and HOM work. "Did he pass out?" Coral asks. Only briefly. "Wake up! Wake up so we can suffocate you some more!" Coral coos. He does so, only to face more torture: Nude boob suffocation from these two well-endowed lasses, followed by foot-in-mouth chokitude, nose-pinching, twat-suffocation, foot-on-face action, facesitting, and LOTS of butt-suffocation - sometimes bare-assed, sometimes leather-clad. This guy sees more ass than a donkey-trainer! "Hang in their buddy," Autumn says as she crawls over his face. "We're gonna make you pass out again..."