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Trample Mistress - (Full Movie)

Trample Mistress - (Full Movie)

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Mistress Klarins looks awesome in this office environment where she is looking like Elvira. The delivery man (walter) bring in a package she has been waiting for and she immediately opens it up to find the box is empty!! She quickly ropes his hands together behind his back and begins to stomp on him and trample him in with her high heels. The action quickly turns rough with hard kicks, full-weight digging in with her spike heels (his crotch gets it too), VERY smothering facesitting, full stocking foot shoved deeply in his mouth, a shoe stuffed in his mouth, real choking, hard face slapping, intense hair pulling and many multiple full-weight "rib crushing" body slams landing on his chest. The action in this video is truly brutal and will not disappoint anyone. It also marks the first time we get a peek at Mistress Klarins' breasts breasts in their full glory. This is full-on spike heel trample madness with some stocking foot trampling too, when she stands with full weight on his head making his face contort like a Picasso!! Don't think that his face is spared from the high heels because it isn't !! She grinds her shoe in his face as if putting out a lit cigarette. By popular request, there is plenty of spike heel action to his crotch !! Three different times, she shoves her foot so deep in his mouth, it looks like a scene from the movie "Alien". Other action includes…full-weight jumping on his chest with heels, putting his head in a box and stepping/sitting on it (slicing his pretty face), head scissoring, heel sucking and the most intense