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A Breath is Not Enough - (Full Movie)

A Breath is Not Enough - (Full Movie)

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Gorgeous stripper Tanya Danielle hired a DJ named Miles for her nightclub act. What a loser that guy turned out to be! Since he screwed up while she was trying to work, she decides to invite him over to her "VIP" room - a dungeon which happens to include the horrifying smother throne, a device which holds his head up securely in an upright position. (PERFECT for facesitting torture!) Then she invites her buxom bombshell girlfriend Shay Sights over for a nasty session of total head torment. Both of these girls have cleavage the size of Cleveland, and they use their boobage power to smother him into the next world. And their ass-smothering is even more dangerous! These girls have good reason to be mad: Miles, it turns out, has been spreading the word that he's been sleeping with them. "Shove your mouth into my bung-hole!" Shay screams. Then she climbs atop the chair and smashes her feet into his face. "Spineless little worm!" Tanya snarls. The totally bare pussy smothering will have you salivating. No wonder these two are strippers! But when they give a lap dance, it just might leave you literally breathless. After they transfer him to another torture device, they inflict both H.O.M. - hand over mouth - suffocation and foot-on-face action. The ass-whomping is terrifying, but the real star of the show is the breast suffocation. And we don't say that in chest!