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Appointment Mistress - (Full Movie)

Appointment Mistress - (Full Movie)

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As we open, slave bart is worshipping the luscious feet and stocking-clad legs of the famed Mistress Alexis Payne. "Stick your tongue in the instep there! Show me how much you want to please me." She is, in fact, far from pleased, because bart (who is also her chauffeur) made her late for an appointment earlier that day. "You need to learn to stop and ask for directions!" she spits, while crushing his skull between her thighs. "You need a good thrashing! How about if I BOUNCE on your face? How about if I give your face a good mashing? You think you can take my full weight on your head?" Bart's mug was made for stompin'! She then uses her dirty feet to stop up his mouth and nose. Then she inflicts rough ass-suffocation and twat smothering, combined with hair-yanking. And wait until you see the mighty Alexis torture his bare cock and balls with the spike heel of her shoe. She really HAMMERS into his sore testes! (He SCREAMS in pain - and believe me, it's for real.) Then she stomps his crotch brutally, full weight, both shod and barefoot. This is followed by suffocation, kneeing, lots more c/b torture, trampling galore, and hand-around-neck strangling. She even shoves his head under a chair cushion…then STANDS on the chair! (This maneuver combines smothering and face-standing.) "It's all your fault," she reminds him as she repeatedly kicks his chest with BOTH legs (and very nearly breaks his ribs). "You make me do all these terrible things to you!"