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A World of Hurt - (Full Movie)

A World of Hurt - (Full Movie)

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Are you the kind of guy who fantasizes about that oriental chick in "Ally"? Well, check out Mistress Caroline, the gloriously evil Asian queen of darkness, and see all your fantasies come to life. Caroline arguably has an even hotter body than the TV bitch - and besides, when was the last time you saw anyone on the tube (even on Fox!) strip down the way our malicious Mistress does? The action starts when bobberino - that pathetic slave-boy - sneaks her lair and surreptitiously licks her feet. Upon awakening, she goes into a trample frenzy. She hops and skips and jumps up and down all over his beleaguered body. "How you like your face trampled on?" she snarls. She's as good as her word: We're talkin' full-body weight - right on his face! Listen to his groans! "Your eyes are all red!" she pouts. After literally stomping the breath out of his lungs, she decides to continue the work with delicious twat suffocation. "Let's see how long you can stay smothered!" And she goes for the record. Her legs smash the sides of his skull, and her butt engulfs his mouth and nose. She pinches his nose shut and covers his mouth, then slaps him back into consciousness. Then she returns to her best-loved pastime: using his chest as a broad-jump target. The foot-in-face action is pretty sexy, the butt-kicking is vicious, the crotch-kicking is downright sick, while the trampling just keeps getting more brutal. Disobedient bob gets a whole new orientation.