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Ball Buster - (Full Movie)

Ball Buster - (Full Movie)

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This movie features the Empress Tsarina. Do we need to say anything more? She's famous as the princess of pain. Her faithful slave doc is trussed up in a hood and wrist-stretcher, as she forces him to do a humiliating dance. She then makes him lick the crop used to flog him, afte which he uses his tongue to clean her latex thigh-high boots - she shoves both her high heels into his stretched-out mouth. Time to crush his noggin between her terrifyingly strong thighs! Fishnet-clad foot worship ensues - long, slow and sensual action. And then comes the pussy-smothering and facesitting: The Empress knows how to do it RIGHT. Even more awesome are her trampling skills: One boot on, one boot off. This Mistress likes to trample her slave's face and stomach while using a crop to whippity-whip his peenie. But that's just the beginning of the c/b torture. She wraps his sausage in a pink ribbon and then WHAPS his swollen balls mercilessly. She dangles him like a marionette, using the ribbon wrapped around his cock and balls-and then she humiliates him further by forcing him to wear women's shoes. Then she stabs his cock with her shoes, and SQUISHES it underfoot. OH MY GOD! Your eyes won't believe this scene - especially when she knees and kicks what's left of his manhood!! No shit, folks…this video features the ultimate test of testes torture. It's the battle of the bulge all over again. (As the man said: "Nuts!") And when Tsarina's done, Doc may have no bulge left.