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Spit For Distance - (Full Movie)

Spit For Distance - (Full Movie)

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Jenna and Lucretia have finally captured the scourge of all beautiful women everywhere: Wormy little bob, "A vile, disgusting cephalopod," as mega-titted Jenna puts it. These gals have had it with his incessant, doomed-to-failure attempts to score with every babe he spots. They've tied him to a chair in a warehouse - and they are going to SLAP the bastard until he agrees to kill himself. This is the ULTIMATE slap-happy epic - his face turns red while they knee his groin and stab his crotch with their high heel shoes. WHAP WHAP WHAP! It never stops. You'll be amazed his head has any skin left on it. After he complains that he's feeling thirsty, they toss him to the hard concrete floor, and subject him to an even more humiliating torment: SPITTING! "Hey, you said you were thirsty..." Lucretia points out. His face becomes a receptacle for their sickening white looghie. "You don't even deserve my precious saliva," Jenna yells. "You should be impaled on a stake while your entrails are ripped out. You're not even a man - I bet we'd need an electron microscope to spot your penis." His face glistens like silver foil. "Oh no -- right in my eyes! You fucking whores!" he squeals, as the girls drown him and stomp him under their high heels. "I may have to vomit soon," Jenna notes. Bob knows where it'll land. Despite the slippery surface, Jenna manages to balance her full weight (barefoot) on his ugly head. Then she kicks his wet face in! "You're a little bitch," Jenna screams. "Slut! Tramp! We are your Bitch Goddesses !!