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Alimony Aggression - (Full Movie)

Alimony Aggression - (Full Movie)

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Joe hasn't paid his alimony for over 10 years and it is time to pay the piper… The beautiful strong amazon "Mistress Katt" shows up to collect and punish (not necessarily in that order). The screen quickly explodes with full-on kicking, punching, trampling, face slapping, hair pulling, body slamming, facesitting and very tight squeezing wrestling moves. Mistress Katt is so strong that she actually lifts joe up in the air a couple of times and just throws him on the floor to be stepped on like a "Trample Me Elmo" doll !! If the abuse wasn't bad enough, another one of his ex-wives shows up (Mistress Wanda) because she hooked up with Mistress Katt at a co-dependents anonymous meeting. Both girls are tall, blond, dressed sexy and mean as snakes as they dish out abuse in double time!! You will watch him be severely punished with abusive stomps, kicking, punching, wrestling moves, hair pulling and non-stop verbal abuse. Joe is actually very animated and eventually tries his best to fight back and get away from these two crazy dominant bitches but it proves to be futile and he ends up looking like "Kramer" from Seinfeld by the time these two finish with him.