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Leave It To Beaver - (Full Movie)

Leave It To Beaver - (Full Movie)

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The ultra voluptuous Shay Sights rooms with Nicole Moore, who has one pet peeve: NOBODY steals her stuff. So imagine her attitude when she comes home and finds Shay lounging in her bed, wearing her bra and panties...and her shoes. Time for Nic to show this brassy bitch just who is the boss in this household. The divine lady N starts right off using her ultimate weapon: Bare beaver! That's right: It's girl on girl twat torture, of the sadistic yet sensual kind. Nicole also loves to inflict breast suffocation, and she's truly vicious when she applies those mams to stop up her victim's mouth. You'll hear groans and moans and desperate gasps for air. And the hand over mouth suffocation is truly wicked -- god help me, I think Nicole really gets off on the idea of making Shay pass out, or even die. And Shay seems to get into it too! You'll love the image of the magnificent Mistress triumphantly sitting astride her now-submissive girl-toy, as she pinches her nostrils shut and forbids all air to enter her copious lungs. But the real jewel here is the naked whisker biscuit choke action. Most women use their pussies to give birth, but Nicole wants to use hers to give death! Her legs wrap tightly around pretty Shay's head, offering no chance for escape. You'll see her nose disappear deep up her twat. Time for both slurping and gasping! Yet Shay still manages to voice scorn and rebellion. There's nothing for Nicole to do but force her victim to endure even more dangerous smother punishment. So she forces Shay to lock her head onto a smother throne. Now the titty torment can really start!