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HOM Homage - (Full Movie)

HOM Homage - (Full Movie)

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Holly Wood and Tori Sinclair - what a couple of stacked babes! They are recruiting new slaves, who must undergo a rigorous questioning, a la "Monty Python": "WHAT is your quest?" Turns out tristen wants nothing more than to submit, thoroughly and unreservedly, to "the two evilest women in town," as the erudite Holly puts it. They subject the poor slob to severe hand-over-mouth suffocation as Holly continues to grill him. (He has to communicate using hand signals --and it must be pretty damn difficult, since he's obviously losing consciousness.) They slap his belly, then drag him onto the ground, where the subject him to more - MUCH more - HOM smothering. We are talking about four-handed coverage: There is NO WAY this guy is going to get even the merest sip of air, unless Tori and Holly want him to! Tori squeezes his body between her powerful thighs, but the HOM torment never lets up. It just gets crueler and crueler. Holly sits on his chest and presses his mouth shut, while Tori bounces on his stomach, trying to force the air out. They slap him, pinch his nose, verbally humiliate him, crunch him between their legs, rope him to a chair (making sure to tie him nice and secure!), secure a blindfold around his eyes, spin him around until he doesn't know which way is up - and all the while, they keep their hands securely placed over his mouth and nose. The HOM ceases only to allow the girls to inflict breast smotherage - and these gals are WELL-equipped for that, Jack. The breast-chokitude goes on for a good long time, but the girls return to their first love: HOM-icide!