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Slave Tune-Up - (Full Movie)

Slave Tune-Up - (Full Movie)

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Chelsea, whose elegant beauty is winning a legion of fans, wears a black latex miniskirt and bikini top. Mistress Starr wears a silver skirt and vest, with sexy black garter stockings and red panties. First, they establish total domination over the hapless Bob: Expect punching, kicking, slapping, and a generally high level of feminine violence. The Mistresses force him to kiss and to clean their oily feet, cramming all their toes into his mouth. Brutal face-smothering leaves him gasping for air. Then it's time for some by-the-roots hair-pulling, followed by Starr's forceful ass-fixiation. When she finally lets him up for air, Chelsea tapes his mouth and pinches his nose shut. How can he breathe? You wonder. That's the point: He can't. Fans of hand-over-mouth smothering will love this video. (When was the last time you saw an auto mechanic get his choke adjusted?) "Stop your whining!" she commands. (LOTS of verbal humiliation in this epic…) Naturally, he's due for some heavy, rib-crushing IBN-style double-trampling, followed by some harsh double-facesitting.