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Sisters of Stomp - (Full Movie)

Sisters of Stomp - (Full Movie)

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Bad-boy bart has been secretly collecting fetish videos…videos of MALES dominating women! His Mistress Star Chandler, and her comrade in cruelty Stacy Burke discover his new interest in kink. "There's a proper way for S&M to be done," Starr explains, "and it does NOT include the woman acting as the bottom!" To prove the point, the girls splay him across the bed and take turns smothering his face. Stacy likes the facesitting best, while Starr stomps his crotch in her dangerous spike heel shoes. "Oooh, now you're turning purple!" Stacy coos. "Isn't that cute?" The butt-smothering is just as divinely decadent. Naturally, Starr has to get a piece of that smother action while Stacy dances in her stockings atop his chest and stomach. They kick, stomp, verbally abuse, and force him to suck shoe. ("Open! Suck! Let's see how far I can spread your mouth…") There's double facesitting action (those beauteous butts look SO good together…!) With slow sadism in her step, Starr stands on bart's penis-ette while Stacey's pussy muffles his pitiful screams. The hand over mouth suffocation is vicious, the trampling is violent, the kicking is cruel, the tummy-jumping is athletic, the head-stomping is headache-inducing, the pain is plentiful. Bottom-bound bart may dream of being the Top, but believe me: These bitches could have pussy-whipped the divine Marquis himself!