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A Bad Day at the Beach - (Full Movie)

A Bad Day at the Beach - (Full Movie)

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The divine Mistress Klaudia is baking at the beach - wearing a black leather bikini, that shows off her perfect figure - basking in her latest accomplishment: She has tied bart, her blindfolded victim, to stakes set deep in the sand at the water's edge. The tide is rising. You know what that means: Soon, bart will be in over his head. "This is your vacation," Klaudia explains to her servant - who earned this torment by being other than faithful. "You'll be charged with murder!" he pleads - but Klaudia is unafraid. As the water rises, the Sadistic bitch makes his torment even worse, by twisting his nipples and smashing her feet into his groin. "You want to see some ass?" Klaudia asks. How about if I just sit on you?" She really knows how to grind her butt into his face - and you'll love the way she literally tries to knock him out by banging his skull with her hardbody hindquarters. "Bite my ass and you're dead, she warns. But there's more: Breast smothering - topless - and in public! Klaudia is one spectacular lady, and she really knows how to use her "charms" to inflict a near-death experience. But there's only one problem: His demise is coming far too slowly. So she releases bart from his bonds, preferring to drown him BY HAND in the ocean's salty water. The scene is unlike anything you've ever seen - he literally flails like a fish in the shallows. The old saying is true: Life's a beach, and then you die!