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Slap Me Silly - (Full Movie)

Slap Me Silly - (Full Movie)

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Slave bob is out hitchhiking on a deserted dirt road, when he runs into a couple of mad Mistresses: Tanya Danielle and Zora, two ultra-gorgeous huge-breasted beauties in tight, skimpy outdoorsy outfits. Turns out bob has trespassed on their private property. And they don't take kindly to trespassers in these here parts -- especially when he asks them for a blow job. The girls tie him up with clothesline, subject him to most blistering verbal humiliation you can imagine, and then SLAP his face. Repeatedly. Harshly. Nothing held back. "Let's make love, not war!" bob pleads. But they'd rather make him sorry -- sorry that he was ever born! We've had slap-happy epics before, but nothing quite like this -- BOTH girls slap BOTH sides of his face simultaneously. Zora grabs his hair, pulls his head back, and subjects him to the worst face-punching imaginable. Zora shuts him up by clamping his mouth shut. "You don't want to fuck us," Zora explains. "Because you're gay!" "Where'd you bitches learn your manners?" bob asks -- and emitting the "B" word earns him the worst slap torture yet. "We don't want you looking at us, limp-duck fucking faggot!" the voluptuous Tanya snarls. She gets him in a headlock, squeezing his neck cruelly, while Zora WHAMS his face into a beet-red pulp. But nothing stops bob from continuing his pleas for a blow job! So they subject him to standing HOM (hand over mouth) suffocation that causes him to get wobbly in the knees. The choking is almost as brutal as the slapping. Tanya SQUEEZES his throat while slamming his face into the other side of his head.