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Fetish Follies - (Full Movies)

Fetish Follies - (Full Movies)

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WARNING!! (And we mean this!) The elegant Mistress Tsarina has NEVER been so cruel as she is here. When she catches slave doc licking her nephew's favorite doll (!!). there's hell to pay. (Check out her acting in these early scenes: It's stupefying!) "I am utterly disgusted with your antics, and you will pay in blood!" She binds him, blinds him, strangles him, and forces him to eat out a humiliating array of girls' dolls. What she makes him do to the toy soldier will not be described here. Nor will we describe what happens when she forces him to stick several dolls into his mouth. We CAN say, however, that there is embarrassing anal torture, slapping and spanking. After tying him up, she goes off for a "radical, awesome" day at the beach - then returns to give his ass a good belting. Then she whacks his BALLS. Her toes need a good cleaning, and he provides excellent service. But she wants more…she wants to dribble spit from her mouth to his. Lots of looghie here, and she makes him swallow it all. Then she tramples his naked and vulnerable body, paying especially torturous attention to his cock. She whips it RED while stomping those balls FLAT! She even tries to yank the damn thing off - and almost succeeds! This is followed by nipple twisting, butt-whipping, cock-paddling…and full-force BALL-KICKING. Finally, she uses sharp fiberglass strapping tape to wrap his peenie into a tiny little - sorry. I can't watch it. Can't describe it. It's THAT fucking brutal, guys - the ultimate in weenie torment. Compared to THIS, castration would be kind. Our editor couldn't even look at it.