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Room Service - (Full Movie)

Room Service - (Full Movie)

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Two pampered babes (Klaudia and Jordan) doing a road trip are hanging out at a high-class motel, when the room service dude (bumble-headed bart) pops in with their food. Wouldn't you know it? He got the order ALL wrong. Worse, he immediately puts the moves on the gals. "You're pretty touchy-feely for a white boy," says Klaudia. The girls secretly plot to teach him a lesson. First, they fool him into thinking they want to "party" with him. Then Klaudia pulls up her ultra-tight black-plastic mini-dress and plops her twat right on his head. It's SMOTHERIN' time! "You girls are kinky," notes bart. Oh, he doesn't know the half of it. "Sit on his face!" Klaudia encourages her partner. "Make sure he doesn't breathe! This little weiner thought he was going to town - now he's goin' DOWN." She hits - literally punches and slaps - his weenus while he undergoes ass-suffocation. Just watch that bitch spank his crank...YOW!! Jordan STOMPS his chest in her thick-soled shoes whiel Lady K alternates between slapping his face and twat-smothering him. (You'll see some amazing camera work, here.) There's nipple twisting, stomach kicking, chest stompin', facsitting, unending body slapping, and lots more cock torment. After wrapping him in plastic, they strip down and literally kick the shit out of him. They cover his head in plastic, robbing him of all air - and then, to add insult to asphyxiation, they stick their feet into his mouth through the wrap. Our videos have featured lots of foot-worship, but never before have you seen "footage" quite like this.