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Spit Shine Slave - (Full Movie)

Spit Shine Slave - (Full Movie)

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Ever wonder what girls really talk about when they go to the ladies' loo together? So does pervo bob. He's sick enough to hold his ear to the door, trying to catch their dialogue. But the door gives way, and he comes crashing though. The girls inside (three ultra-babes: Stacey Burke, Randee Lee, and Dawn Under) are shocked and angry. It's bathroom torture time! They prop bob on the toilet seat, and SPIT RIGHT INTO HIS FACE. When bob persists in asking for "action," their only response is more looghie. "Don't wipe it off," commands Randee. "We like to see our work on you!" Bob decides to let the girls watch him piss, a proposition which so disgusts these refined ladies that they shove his head right into the dirty toilet bowl. After shoving his head into a plastic bag, they drag him into their dungeon. Time for triple-bitch face-sitting, barefoot face-smashing, trample-dancing on his ribs, foot-slapping, and foot-suffocation. After locking bob's head in the smother box, the girls cover his mouth and nose with their hands. A breast-smothering competition follows. (You judge who wins!) Then they dribble more spit all over his helpless mug. (The girls really hock it back!) "How's that taste?" Randee taunts. If you like to see a born spit-slave undergo a variety of tortures and humiliations, this triple-slut nightmare is for you.