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Spit and Slap Fest - (Full Movie)

Spit and Slap Fest - (Full Movie)

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Anyone who says IBN doesn't make classy entertainment hasn't seen "Spit and Slap Fest." As we open, that dope bob has broken into a warehouse, where two fabulous babes (Autumn and Lacey) keep a boat. When bob refuses to respect their property -- he even SPITS on their boat! -- Autumn realizes that the girls have to establish their dominance over this freakazoid. They decide to spit on him! The echo-chamber effect of this warehouse makes the double-barrelled looghie action seem like machine gun fire. "You're fucking disgusting!" Autumn snaps. He still refuses to submit, so they both SLAP him silly. (Well, actually he was pretty silly to begin with.) Every time his face sports a new load of white dribble, the girls whack it deep into his skin. One bitch grabs him by the hair, while the other gives him another humiliating soaking. They plop him into a chair -- and the pummeling really begins. Slaps, whacks, and even a couple of punches. If you've ever wanted to see a big-tittied blonde bitch (and her less-chested, but still glamorous partner) slap an ugly mug into the next world, take a gander at this vid! And the way Autumn dibbles a LONG long looghie onto his THAT is a true display of disgust. Then they force him to the ground and force him to cean their shoes. Autumn, incidentally, is wearing a some very sexy strappy black high heel pumps. Then the slap action picks up again, getting harsher and harsher, as they force him to agree to clean their ship. These bitches aren't holding back, either!