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The Sick Sense - (Full Movie)

The Sick Sense - (Full Movie)

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Mistress Tsarina, the Divine Empress of pain, is just like that kid in the movie: She sees dead people. The catch is - she sees 'em dead because she MAKES 'em that way. Her usual victim, slave doc, is nowhere to be seen in this opus: We presume he's pushing up daisies. Time for a new slave, so meet jake. As we open up, sissy-slut jake (wearing a pantyhose mask) is lying in her bed, reading his divine Mistress' personal copy of "History of Structuralism." (Tsarina is big on post-Existential philosophy.) The bastard! Holding him at gunpoint, she forces him to kiss her feet, carefully licking between each toe. Then she subjects him to ass-suffocation and breast smothering - rare privileges from Mistress Tsarina. (She figures that he gets special rewards, because he was able to read a hard book without stumbling over the words.) At her direction, he kisses her body...the neck, the underarms, the back. He's a good little sissy slut. So it's time to break out the toys! Changing into a va-va-voom black fetish outfit, she cuffs his feet and ankles and ties him to the bed. A perfect target for flagellation action. WHAP! You'll love the way she strips him while shoving the gun barrel down his throat. After trampling him under her bare feet, she subjects him to further boob-suffocation and enforced barefoot licking - and then she even makes him clean her belly-button. It's a bloodthirsty orgy of trampling, suffocation, humiliation, flogging, brutality, sensuality and structuralism.