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Bitch Slappin Babes - (Full Movie)

Bitch Slappin Babes - (Full Movie)

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It's girl/girl ass-slappin' action, as violent redhead Naomi catches cute Kiki giving a lap dance to Naomi's man, Tony. "Hey," explains Kiki, "I suck his dick better - he says so all the time." Woo-HOO! IBN hasn't featured an all-out cat-fight in quite a while - but believe me, this one's a doozy. The girls slap, punch, kick, and inflict all sorts of wrestling holds. But that's only the beginning - check out that suffocation action. There's hand-over mouth torture, and some mean-n-dangerous neck-wringing. "I'd like to snap your neck right now," Kiki snarls as she squeezes her opponent's throat. "But I'll just choke you instead - it's slower." Mee-YOW! "I'm not a whore like you!" yells Naomi. "That's because you're not worth payin' for!" Kiki answers. First one girl gets on top, then the other. Naturally, their clothes slowly begin to slip off during the battle. (That sort of thing just naturally happens in combat.) Kiki inflicts a plastic bag suffocation torture that will have YOU gasping. "YOU DIE!" she explains. But Naomi turns the tables: "YOU fuckin' die, you whore!" Some girls are breathtakingly beautiful - but these two are also...well...just breath-taking. Literally. Every variation of chokitude, every type of two-girl combat, is examined in close detail. And Kiki relishes her moment of triumph by subjecting her rival to harsh full weight BODY STOMPING. There's rib-kicking, neck-stomping, crotch-smashing, simultaneous mutual neck-squeezing (!!!) and lots more. These bloodthirsty bitches are out to kill!