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Face Busting Bitches - (Full Movie)

Face Busting Bitches - (Full Movie)

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This movie has all the epic grandeur of "Lord of the Rings, except it's about face-busting. Two voluptuous ultra-bitches, Carolyn Monroe and Amber Michaels hire a construction guy - the lowly bob - to build a house. For a cool quarter mill, he builds it all right: A DOLL house. Are these girls outraged? Oh, you bet! How are they going to straighten out this situation? By slapping his face repeatedly - as hard as they can. We are talking about slaps that come POW POW POW, like machine gun fire. "Why are you hitting me?" Bob pathetically cries. The mad mistresses try to drag him out of his kayak (don't ask about the kayak), all the while subjecting him to the, and we mean THE most brutal facial assault ever committed to a fetish video. WHAP! WHAP WHAP! The onslaught just never stops. Carolyn interrupts her assault only long enough to drive her spike heels into his groin. "Ow! You're crushing my nuts!" bob wails. And yet this numbskull still insists on getting paid! They pull his hair, shove things into his face, smash him against hard concrete flooring, and shove his head into the doll house while they spank his ass. Then they lock his head and place and start in with ever-nastier head hammering action. They remove their tops - the better to beat him with. He tries to stand, but…well, just look at the way he wavers and wobbles. Finally he falls over and writhes in agony while the deadly duo continues to pummel brutally, not just his head, but ALL over his body. His face takes the worst of it, though. It's an extravaganza of agony, as two babes with naked titties bigger than their heads literally try to knock bob's block off.