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FetishFeast - (Full Movie)

FetishFeast - (Full Movie)

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You all know about Tsarina…the gorgeous, commanding, deadly Ultra-Mistress all other Mistresses fear. Worm has been a bad boy: This "little slutty doggie boy" hasn't been praying to her a sufficient number of hours each day. You can guess what worm is in for: Lots of sensual, forced foot-worship and verbal humiliation, followed by wicked stomping of his bare weenie. His wrists and ankles are bound, then it's time for the REAL agony. You know how much Tsarina loves those toys…she applies the NASTIEST tight leather harness ever to torture a tinkler! That Tsarina…what a trample artiste! She loves to spittle and drool right into the slave's mouth (GREAT lingering close-ups), and since he didn't capture 100% of her looghie, it's time to apply REAL foot-pressure to that hard-strapped worm. Even the most experienced fetish fans will be rendered aghast and amazed by this footage. Talk about gruesome! Tsarina deigns to allow the doggy boy to worship her ass, suffocating himself in the process. Tsarina sums up her philosophy in this film: "I own your mind, your body, and your soul!" Tsarina informs him. "I'll make you into my whip boy, my spank boy, my human ashtray. I will smother you, tie your balls up until they burst, and kill you if I want to!" And you better believe that she wants to!