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Full Contact - (Full Movie)

Full Contact - (Full Movie)

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Oh no…it's Empress Tsarina! Tshe tscares even ME, and I've tseen it all! For the past week, she has kept slave doc in the smother box without any water. He's thirsty, so the Empress graciously offers her personal brand of, er, water. But first he must BEG for the privilege of being her toilet slut. She wraps his head in a stocking, strangles him, forces him to carry her as though he were a putrid pony, And as you know, every day is flog day at the Empress' palace. She make shim act like a cat, and then like a dog…and she just loves to flog her dog! Lots of slow, slobbering oral shoe worship - followed by vicious groin beating (a Tsarina specialty), cock-spanking, cock-clawing, and cock smashing. "It's my job to slap that erection right out of him!" she explains. His cries for mercy are particularly pitiful. She LOVES to rake her sharp claws deep into his tender skin. After shoving her shoes deep into his throat, she uses them to slap his face. Facesitting/suffocation is followed by sensual stocking-clad foot worship, neck choking, face-pinching, nose-pulling. Take it from the Empress: "It takes a lot of energy to train a sissy slut!"