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Locker Room Beating - (Full Movie)

Locker Room Beating - (Full Movie)

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Alix is a miserable perv who likes to spy on the babes at the gym. Well, who wouldn't? Especially when the girls in question are internationally famed beauty Francesca and the tall, ultra-dommy Egypt (check out the way she looks in that flashy fetish-wear and wide-loop fishnets!) "You should not be fucking with us," Egypt snarls - and boy, is she ever intimidating - while wrapping her black talons around his throat. The bitches trample him full weight, showing no mercy whatsoever. Wearing pointy black high heels, Francesca stomps atop him, taking out all her aggression, while Egypt punches his ribs. "You think THAT hurts?" she yells. "You have not seen anything yet…" She slams her full weight into his solar plexus, slaps his face as though she wants the skin to sly off - and then BOTH bitches clamber aboard his body. We are talking about full-weight double-girl trampling - and Egypt is wearing some of the nastiest platform shoes ever to grace a fetish video. They stomp his neck in an attempt to choke him, then ram their knees into his gut while slapping his mug. POKE POKE POKE! Those flying heels keep zinging into his torso. Francesca stands atop his face. You will see violent knee drops, panty-choking, punching, slapping, neck-wounds, crotch-stomping, butt-bouncing, and head-squishing between their powerful thighs. (Remember, these girls have been working out!) The batty bitches even place a heavy metal bench atop his body and use that as a platform for further torture.