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Smelly Fart Facesitting - (Full Movie)

Smelly Fart Facesitting - (Full Movie)

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This movie stinks. In a good way. It doesn't waste any time with a plot -- it goes straight into action. Meet Sinnamon Love, a sadistic chocalate brown vixen with a true talent for sadism. She has acquired a new slave, and has decided to test his devotion to her. And so she prepares the ultimate challenge. We'll let you in on a secret: Right before this shoot, Sinnamon ate a ton of Mexican food -- and so when the camera starting running, the fumes were inevitable. She simply could not stop farting -- and she directs her explosive outbursts directly at her slaves face. In order to make this farting session a little more fun, she puts baby powder on his forehead, and then fartsit off! POOF! This ungrateful slave doesn’t show his appreciation for her smelly farts -- so to torture him, she makes him watch as she gave all that precious gas to her teddy. We assure you: These farts are absolutely real, and they nearly KILL slave johnny. Sinnamon Love is the new FART QUEEN and she will force you to bow before her beautiful ass and beg her to fart on you! If you are a fart fan you have got to see this video.