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Spit Happens - (Full Movie)

Spit Happens - (Full Movie)

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Two lingerie-clad roomies, blonde Candi and curvy, hot Francesca are stuck with a clogged toilet. They call bob the plumber - oh no, not BOB! Not only is he late, he's the most disgusting pervo who has annoyed many of our other Mistresses. "We have to replace your whole toilet," bob explains. He also tries to charge a late fee, because HE came late. "We're going to keep this toilet," Francesca explains," and we're going to stick your face in it!" Now remember: This is a CLOGGED toilet. "It reeks!" bob shrieks. Then Fran disgusts him further by dipping her feet in the piss water then forcing him to lick those toes clean. "Open your fucking mouth!" the bitches order. This disgusto-fest of a video only gets more and more horrific, as the mad Mistresses stomp his body, stand on his face, step on his tongue, shove their filthy feet deep into his throat, then shove his entire head in the urine soaked bowl. "We hate you," the girls note. Then the slap him, toss him around, kick his head, and then - they SPIT on him! We are talking big dripping evil looghies, covering his ugly mug. They pull his hair, slap him around some more, etc… on his crotch, then slop him full of more piss-water. "Open your mouth!" the girls scream. Time for more looghie-lunch! They sit on him, they step on him, they literally kick his boot, they slap and slap and slap. If you're a fan of true humiliation, this one will bowl you over.