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The Asian Influence - (Full Movie)

The Asian Influence - (Full Movie)

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Ken shows up for a massage at "The Asian Influence" massage parlor and gets more than he bargained for…He first meets Mistress Pokeuhotass, a crazy Indian girl in a brown dress and brown boots. She accuses him of being the first to start a trend of putting forks into Chinese restaurants and starts to trample him with her boots and squeezes his head with her powerful thighs. She is quickly joined by her beautiful Asian friend "Wok U" who is quite fond of abusing submissive men in their crotch, verbal humiliation, boot trampling, high heel pump trampling and poking, hair pulling, ultra-powerful head and body scissoring, kicking, face slapping, karate chops, kneeing, punching, stomping, two-on-one-trampling, bondage and at one point, the slave is completely lifted over one of the girl’s shoulders and carried around for a bit then thrown to the ground!! The action flows along and the dialog is a total crack up…if the cast of "Saturday Night Live" were to spoof fetish videos like ours, it would probably come out like this. The trampling is very good at time and you will find REAL full-weight action and even some jumping and bouncing on his chest (sometimes by both girls at the same time). The beautiful Asian "Wok U" even tramples the slave while wearing her black high heel pumps. There is also some genuinely good shoe worship scenes mixed in with good camera close-ups showing licking, sucking and high heel worship of Mistress "Wok U’s" beautiful black pumps.