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T3 - Tied, Trampled, Terminated - (Full Movie)

T3 - Tied, Trampled, Terminated - (Full Movie)

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Put yourself in Matts' position, tied down by his wrists and ankles to a custom-made "torture chair" while his Mistresses trample, tickle, titillate, torture and TERMINATE his body for their pleasure! Introducing Mistress Robin, the blonde in the short leather shorts and leather demi-bra, thigh high nylon and lace stockings and a FANTASTIC scissors-hold technique. Meet Mistress Terminatrix, the one in a black leotard, pantyhose and black boots, whose massive killer thighs can pulverize her victims in a vice-like grip! Experience joy on the Mistress' faces as they trample, ball torture, face-sit and face-wiggle, smother, tickle, face slap, stocking gag, nipple torture and whip Matt's poor body into a pulp! You'll love the closeups of his face being covered in Mistress' leather shorts, stockings and barefeet in his mouth, breast smother techniques, incredible neck presses, two-on-one body smothering and TONS of trampling!! One Mistress climbs on the other's shoulders and they use full weight to crush the life out of their slave. They verbally humiliate him while they pull him in opposite directions with their thighs, stretching him mercilessly. Lots of high heel one point, Matt has Mistress' boot heel AND big toe in his mouth, as they grasp his face with their other toes, and pull his cheeks apart! When Terminatrix goes in for the kill, and pounds his face with her muscular hips, it's lights out for Matt but what a way to go!! Oh, and as a special bonus, check out the crushing scene at the beginning of "T3", as high heels smash and puncture food objects. It's a fantasy preview of what's in store for the slave!