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Masseuse Abuse - (Full Movie)

Masseuse Abuse - (Full Movie)

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Alix calls for a massage and Sienna shows up with her fold out massage table. She is wearing Blue Jeans and a black tank top for the first half of the video and then she changes into some lacy purple lingerie. Alix probably would have enjoyed the massage but he got cocky and grabbed her breast straight away and her reaction was quite fierce. As usual with Sienna, the verbal banter is abusive and the Smothering Facesitting is exceptional. If you have seen any of our other videos featuring Sienna, you know the kind of hot facesitting action she provides. You basically have about 20 minutes of Blue Jean Facesitting action and then it is followed sexy nasty "Sienna Style" facesitting and Ass Worship. If you are not familiar with her style, she like to REALLY take her slave's breath away...for real. She will actually spread her ass cheeks as wide apart as she can and then bury the slave's nose and mouth in her ass. She also likes to hold her positions until her slave are wiggling and fighting as they try to get some air. Too bad for alix because at this point he has been strapped tightly to the massage table and has no choice but to submit to her sadistically kinky moves. Poor alix really goes crazy like King Kong in his bonds when she begins to tickle him while she planted on his face. I think I can safely say that this massage is NOT going to have a happy ending.