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Trample Fever - (Full Movie)

Trample Fever - (Full Movie)

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According to internet rumor, Stanley Kubrick completed one last project in the final week of his life. Is "Trample Fever" that project? This haunting work certainly bears all the hallmarks of the Master Filmmaker. It opens with the stunning Mistress Mallory and buxom, blonde Torri Tease on the couch, waiting for their boy servant tristan to return with "a fucking teddy bear." Alas, when tristan announces "Honey, I'm home!" he brings in the WRONG toy - a symbolic stuffed dog! Enraged, they order him: "Remove your clothes - or would you like US to do it for you?" Time for a bit of the old ultra-violence! They force him to kiss Torri's lovely feet while Mallory tolchocks his body and yanks his ears. This is followed by barefoot trampling and vicious hand-over-mouth smothering. Torri proves to be quite an expert at face-sitting and head-kicking. Her friend Mallory displays a similar genius for ass-suffocation and nipple-torture - the girls literally try to tear those things off. Smothering. Nose-clamping. Shoe-worship. Spanking. Booby-suffocation, courtesy the enormously-gifted Torri. Toe-kissing. Hard-core ass-kicking. Between-the-thighs head-crushing. Neck-wringing. CROTCH torture. Violent kneeing. (Right in the stomach!) Face-slapping. ("More, please!" begs tristan. "I deserve it!"). And, of course, that signature Kubrickian touch: TRAMPLING. Barefoot bitch Mallory jumps on him brutally - on his abs, his ribs, and even his balls. Torri likes to wear her pointiest high heels as she "walks all over you." In the end, poor tristan learns that disobeying his Mistresses puts him in a world of shit.