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Stomping Sluts From Hell - (Full Movie)

Stomping Sluts From Hell - (Full Movie)

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This is a FINE film. The premise is simple: That disgusting pus-bug of a man, tramplee, spits on a car. The car belongs to a couple of babes: Tall, gorgeous Nicole Sheridan and the voluptuous, lovely Jewell. They decide to punish the miscreant by dragging him indoors and subjecting him to trample torture. Now, as it happens, Nicole is wearing the -- THE most outrageous shoes we've seen yet (and we've seen 'em all!). They're like ice skates -- metal and sharp. You'll be amazed that the don't slice right through him -- especially when she repeatedly SLAMS those meat slicers straight down onto his chest. She even stands atop his face. Un-be-fucking-lievable! Just listen to the way he grrs and growls as those metal plates grind into his skull. Now, Jewell is no slouch either -- she has great pointy heels which she loves to dig into his abs. Both bitches clamber atop him, punching their full weights into his most tender parts. "We're going to crush these balls so you can never have kids!" Nicole snarls. "There should be no more creatures like you. Let's end your race!" POUND! "I think I want to step on his ugly head," says the ultra-sexy Jewell as she doffs her shoes. These girls love to inlflict FULL-WEIGHT head standing, crushing his entire face. Jewell then gets on her hands and knees and bucks like a bronco, digging her knees into his gut. "You're getting beat up by two girls," she taunts. "What a fucking sissy!" You'll love the way their boobies jiggle as they leap across his body. "Are you opening your legs so I can crush your dick?" Jewell asks. "That's what I'm gonna do!" They like to slap his face, too!