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Bondage Surprise - (Full Movie)

Bondage Surprise - (Full Movie)

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Slave garth wakes up to find himself in the fully-equipped dungeon of Mistress Starr, a gorgeous blonde bitch dressed in a tiny, tight. "wet" black vinyl dress, fishnets, and sharp little black boots. Seems he hasn't done a very good job building her bondage equipment, and now she wants revenge! While he's chained to the wall, there is much kicking, outlandish kneeing, high-heel gouging, breath-taking choking scenes, and other brutal torments - especially when Starr pulls up her dress, rubs up against him, and shows the prize he's NEVER going to get. (Now that's cruel!) Once she's choked him into unconsciousness, she removes him from the wall, and ties him spread-eagled to the rack, where he awakens to some really mean trampling - her spike heels digging full-bore into his chest. More choking, smothering, facesitting (forward and reverse), figure-fours, nasty nipple torment -- and she sticks her dirty boots right into his face.